About the company

Today Euroinvest Investment Company is a multi-profile holding, whose structure includes companies and projects in various sectors of the economy.

Euroinvest Investment Company is a diversified holding that has been carrying out investment activities in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Region and other regions of Russia for several decades. The range of investment interests of Euroinvest is extensive and covers various areas – from high-tech industries and innovative development to development of real estate and construction of comfortable housing. And in all these areas, the company has established itself as a wealthy and reliable partner, which always fulfills its obligations in full within the terms established by contracts.

Euroinvest Investment Company develops almost all the projects with its own funds. In matters of finance and investment, Euroinvest follows a conservative policy and it has no debt or credit obligations to banks or other structures, which also demonstrates the financial stability of the company itself and its subsidiaries.

One of the key elements in the structure of Euroinvest Group is its own construction division – Euroinvest Development, which is engaged in the construction of housing and other facilities, thereby forming a full-cycle development business.

In order to comprehensively provide engineering communications (water supply and drainage systems) to the territory of Western Murino, Murino Management Company has been established in the structure of Euroinvest Investment Company. The company’s work practice shows that it has successfully coped with the task set – now all the facilities are built and exploited.

Another infrastructural division of the holding is Murino Fuel Company which specializes in the implementation of projects in the field of thermal power engineering. The activity of the company is aimed at providing comprehensive services for designing, construction and exploitation of heat supply sources in the developed and prospective areas of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region.

Euroinvest also considers the agro-industrial sector to be a promising direction for investment. For example, the agrocluster Krasnoye Znamya, which specializes in the production of grain and compound feeds for cattle breeding, as well as in dairy farming, is actively developing on its own agricultural land in the Pskov region.

In addition, the management of Euroinvest has established a venture fund – Euroventure with a volume of 10 million euros. The priority areas for investment are innovative development in scientific and technical spheres, as well as projects in the creative industry. By now, thanks to the fund’s participation, St. Petersburg scientists and doctors have created a unique device that uses X-rays to fight cancer.

The business of the Euroinvest group also includes production assets.

Euroinvest Investment Company, in its development, pays special attention to corporate social responsibility. In this direction, both the company and its shareholders personally implement a considerable part of socially significant non-commercial projects. Clear examples of this are the patronage of the World Club of Petersburgers, headed by the director of the Hermitage, Mikhail Piotrovsky, as well as the support of scholarship and educational programs of St. Petersburg State University Alumni Association and the Baltic State Technical University “VOENMEH” named after. D.F. Ustinov.